Do We Improve

Reading the MBA itself is a process to understand and improve, and it is also a process to discover your own potential. In fact, it is not that great changes can be made after reading and reading, but it depends on the reserve of knowledge, cognition and the real work and administrative experience of large companies. Reading the MBA itself is like reading a series of books, doing a series of exercises and improving some practical skills. But before doing this, you must have real needs and do it specifically.

Suppose that a person without work experience to go to the MBA should give him some understanding of business management and then improve speech, communication, analysis, business logic skills; suppose that a person with many years of experience in management reads their learning process in the middle, I will put the real cases that I have found in the business logic of learning to analyze, deepen the combination of theory and practice and improve the management process and Practical ability in all aspects.

The more experience, the bigger the company, the deeper the feeling will be. In the learning process, you will have the feeling of touching your thighs and “seeing each other late.” He will recover the things and problems he has encountered at work before, and then analyze one or more solutions based on newly acquired knowledge. This knowledge in itself is a dynamically updated information base. It is also a rule that has been summarized after previous thorough efforts.

It does not necessarily mean that it should apply to your company, but it can give you instructions and scope to think about the problem. Many new businesses or small businesses will feel that the things of big companies are not right for us. What policies, rules and assets of the organization seem impractical. In fact, these things are summarized and accumulated by long-term experience and mistakes.

If you have been working for a long time, you will naturally have a set of rules for yourself, but since you have the wisdom of your predecessors, you can attack jade. No matter what management system, the purpose is to make the company operate efficiently, so that it has some direction to think about, and not to copy it. If you can turn knowledge into real productivity, then it is Your ability.

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