Job Perspectives

Many people think that reading an MBA means having a well-paid job, but some people think that the global economic slowdown hinders the MBA’s employment path. Objectively speaking, what is the future of the MBA?

First, the MBA job prospects

Currently, the national MBA education is primarily to train intermediate managers of large companies. Many MBA students always think they have obtained the MBA, which is a senior manager. If you take this mentality into employment, you will be very vulnerable. Frustration

Guided by the future of the future

After graduating from MBA, the most important thing when choosing a job is not to see how high the position is, but to fully understand the future development perspectives of the career you are in and be rational in the choice of industry, and Do not blindly follow the dawn industry. For example, today, many old Chinese state-owned enterprises face the Zhongxing period, and the financial industry has entered a period of transformation. These industries currently lack a lot of MBA talents. If they are committed to this, the prospects for personal development will be very broad.

MBA occupational scope

Many people also have a vague perspective on the use of MBA. They don’t know what kind of occupation they can take after graduation. In general, the MBA MBA is divided into three main areas:

  • Professional manager. ,MBA education has the reputation of the “Whampoa Military Academy”, a Chinese professional manager in the new century. At the same time, China’s “manager revolution” requires a lot of MBA talents and professional managers, and the opportunity for MBAs to become professional managers is also growing.
  • Consultant: Enter a consulting company to carry out consulting work for companies. On the one hand, they can apply the knowledge and skills they have learned to the company and enrich their own experience. On the other hand, consultants always give people a feeling of superiority and leave the consulting firm. The value is also higher than the average industry. Professional managers and professional advisors are two different professional options: with the development of the consulting industry, as consulting companies create an increasingly powerful learning organization, professional advisors deserve more and more MBA options and attention.

Start your own business.

With the continued development and recovery of the economy and society, from the general situation, there are more and more recruitment positions and employment opportunities, and the employment prospects of MBAs are extremely promising.

Second, the cost of MBA

Reading the MBA is indeed a lot of money, taking into account the tuition fees of national MBA universities, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, the gap is relatively large. In addition to buying data and training costs and opportunity costs before the exam.

Tuition Fee

Take the example of the Beijing area. The MBA enrollment ranges from 50,000 to 600,000. That is, you need to spend 50,000 yuan on tuition to study the MBA program. This does not include the cost of books and the cost of study during the study period. If you do not open a study trip, you will be exempt from these fees).

Advice Rate

We all know that a certain work experience and management capacity is required to apply for an MBA. For a manager who has graduated for many years, memory and understanding are not as good as those of former students, and they have no way of completing the review plan and managing daily work. Enrolling in a recovery class has become a preparation program. The cost of the corrective class is also an investment, ranging from a few hundred to tens of thousands.

Investment Preparation Time

For those who are preparing for the MBA, it is good to take 3 hours a day to review. After a weekend break, even if you review 400 hours, you should invest in half a year. If there are accidents at work and life, this preparation Time needs to be extended. For the owner, this is a great investment. And if we do not spend this time reviewing, the test results will not be satisfactory.

Opportunity cost

In addition to the cost of reading an MBA, the computer will cost, that is, the reading period can lose the relationship and the opportunity to develop a career.

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