Key Points


Some students have natural confidence, which is very beneficial. However, some students have too much confidence and their expectations for the future are too high, reaching the point where others are incredible. This excessive self-confidence must be avoided.

There is also a situation in which students who are inherently inferior in their inferiority pretend to have confidence in themselves to demonstrate their confidence in themselves. Nor is it advisable to rise intentionally to explain their self-confidence.

The best way to be confident is to have true confidence in yourself without separating yourself from reality. The key to mastering balance is to understand and position yourself accurately. Before going to the interview, you should analyze yourself well: “Know that you know, you cannot fight,” and understand that you are the basis of your own performance.

Too many comments

To answer questions about economic or social life, it is inevitable to make some comments. But pay attention to the proportion of control comments, especially so as not to attack your boss, teacher or classmates in an unbridled manner. If you can’t handle the relationship with these closest and most important key people, how can you imagine becoming a successful manager?

To make as many constructive comments and suggestions as possible about real-life problems, nobody likes to criticize, and criticizing or commenting too much can make a person look less mature and generous.


Some students have a very good job in preparing interviews, so some questions about the interviewer are answered. This is not desirable.

If you suspect that you answer a good question without thinking, you cannot convey your personal thoughts and values, but only to those who recite the entries. Do not memorize at any time, even if you are only asked about the questions you are prepared to ask, calmly organize your language and express your thoughts.


To avoid inconsistencies, the best way is to show a true self during the entire interview process, otherwise, there is a high probability of self-contradictory situations.

Truth is the only way to avoid contradictory things. False things can be inconsistent when repeated. When they repeat, they will become another way.

Cover the deficiencies

Anyone has flaws, and the students they are interviewing are no exception. Therefore, properly exposing some deficiencies is not only terrible, but it will be more real and effective, of course, these deficiencies should not be serious defects. Especially when the interviewer explicitly asks you to explain your weaknesses, you should not treat him excessively artistically.

Rejecting any deficiency of oneself can only leave a false impression on the person: the whole person loses their authenticity and reliability accordingly.


Sometimes, some students exaggerate their skills and achievements to express their success. In most cases, this will be seen by the interviewer, at least suspicious. In general terms, interviewers are people who have considerable experience. His ability to distinguish between true and false is naturally superior. Once you have too many ingredients to show off, you will have a great contrast with the interviewer. Unconsciously in a position of doubt.

Moral problems

Moral problems are about success or failure. An MBA graduate, other weaknesses and deficiencies can be forgiven, but once it involves ethical problems, it is difficult to get rid of it. In any process of interviewing and answering questions, we must demonstrate our own good quality and demonstrate our social responsibility.

Shrinking shyly

There are some students who are particularly nervous and very afraid of interviews. In fact, no one can get carried away completely at an important moment of success or failure of the relationship. In the first few minutes or a few seconds, the average person will be a little nervous, don’t imagine your tension too seriously.

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