Study Mba

MBA is the abbreviation in English of (Master of Business Administration), MBA is the product of the market economy and trains high quality managers, professional managers and entrepreneurs.

An MBA degree is a degree that focuses on the development of compound and comprehensive talent, and is a degree that is more important than knowledge transfer. It teaches “management” versus real combat, rather than “management” that focuses on research. The cultivation of skills and thinking is more important than theoretical analysis. It requires that its graduates have practical experience and administrative experience (recovery capacity, prediction capacity, integral capacity, organizational capacity, etc.).

The course content includes administration, economics, finance, law, etc. Skills training is not only about organization and leadership, but also about communication skills, operational skills, ability to judge and deal with problems based on eloquence.

The MBA is a position with a post-employment experience. In fact, many see it as a career accelerator or means of conversion after three years of professional experience, that is, the means of promotion and work break. The MBA study will also contribute a lot to this.

The minimum period of study for an MBA is 2 years for full time or 3 years for on-the-job learning.

Strictly speaking, graduate students are divided into masters and doctoral students. A master’s degree is usually required to take a test of foreign languages, politics and complete subjects (depending on the specialties of the application) and professional courses. The doctor does not need to take policy.

Competencies to achieve during your MBA studies

1 Expression capacity analysis

2 Leadership management capacity

3 Self confidence, diligence

4 Personality, temperament

5 IQ and vision

6 Self motivation

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